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Poutama Trust and MWDI

Getting your business started

This workshop was held in October 2013 and was facilitated by Richard Jones, Chief Executive of the Poutama Trust in conjunction with MWDI - Māori Women's Development Inc.

MWDI is an organisation formed and managed by Māori women for the economic development of māori women. You can find more info here at their website.

Simple Social Media

Strategy and Marketing

In May 2013 we held a workshop covering topics like Social Media strategy, Brand strategy, Strategic Marketing - essentially all you need to know about being in business, and being online!

Guest speaker: 

Blanche McMath - Managing Director of Platform Advertising
Platform Advertising is a boutique advertising agency with extensive expertise and networks in the advertising field. We are focused primarily on digital and social media strategies. This is the fastest growing style of marketing.

How Can Cloud Technology Help your Business

Hosted by Buddy Mikaere - CE of TMBA

Held in March 2013, the workshop posed the question; What if your business were to burn down tomorrow? How quickly could you get back into business again? Wwith a little forethought and some clever organising you can do it easily. Meanwhile everyone is talking about Cloud technology and the benefits familiarity with its capabilities can do.

Guest speakers included;

Simon Ward, Elite Business Systems - Disaster Recovery and Continuity for the Small Business owner

Alistair Melvin, Avonmore Tertiary Institute - When ‘clouds’ gather in Aotearoa – how qualified IT staff can help your business

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